Quincy Point Homes

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Quincy Point Homes is the second oldest affordable living space built for senior citizens in the state of Massachusetts. Quincy Point was founded in 1966 by Reverend Bedros Baharian who identified a need to provide affordable housing to dock workers in the community. His grandson, Brian Baharian, is the Executive Director of 1000 Southern Artery Senior Center, a not-for-profit senior center located on the campus of Quincy Point. Apartments at this property in suburban Boston are located in three interconnected buildings which also house a bank, a beauty shop, and a cafeteria. 

As part of the purchase transaction in December 2014, Foundation Housing opted to secure low-income tax credits to supplement the $36.8 million dollar redevelopment of the property. The renovation project underscores the commitment of Foundation Housing to preserving the legacy of the Baharian family to safe, affordable, and attractive senior housing. 


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