The Northwinds

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The Northwinds is an affordable housing community in Wytheville, Virginia, which is in the southwest corner of the state. Originally built in 1978, the property consists of 16 townhomes in 3 distinct buildings, 8 two-story garden-style buildings, and one community center which houses the office of the Northwinds. The property sits in the mountains, adjacent to a field filled with cattle. Residents say they love the setting of the property and the fact they’re able to find a home that is affordable, safe, and beautiful.   

This property is huge. We have a lot of residents. We have a lot of kids. We want to give these kids something to be proud of, something to do in the summer, because…they don’t always have the ability to run to the swimming pool every day. And so, this (new playground) is what we wanted to give to our kids. -Joyce Gravely, The Northwinds Manager


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